Infrastructure Projects

Because you count on us for your water needs, we have invested more than $1.7 billion over the past 30 years to modernize our treatment plants and distribution system.

Cleveland Water maintains and restores our treatment plants and distribution system through our Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Cleveland Water uses the CIP to identify its infrastructure needs, prioritize projects, and schedule them for funding and implementation through a multi-year plan. Past CIP projects include Cleveland Water’s Plant Enhancement Program (PEP). The PEP was a $750-million, 15-year effort to modernize and rebuild our four water treatment plants. As a result of the PEP, Cleveland Water has four state-of-the-art treatment plants to ensure safe water is available throughout our service area. 

Water Main Renewal and Replacement

There is more to providing dependable water service than just being able to produce clean, safe, and healthy drinking water at our treatment plants. Therefore, our CIP includes funding for other critical projects to the 22 water towers and tanks and more than 5,300 miles of underground pipes necessary to deliver high-quality water to over 440,000 account holders. Water mains account for 70% of the value of our water system and historically were out of sight, out of mind. Because of this inattention, replacing and rehabilitating aging water mains has become a national initiative. With the completion of the PEP, Cleveland Water has focused CIP projects on underground infrastructure, investing $26 million a year on replacing and renewing aging water mains throughout our service area.

Below is a list of water main replacement projects scheduled for 2018 in the City of Cleveland as part of our CIP.

Community Street Boundaries Cost More Info
Cleveland Linn Dr.   Tuscora Ave. to Ada Ave. $1.034,914 PDF
Cleveland Lakeview Rd. Earle Ave. to Greenview Ave. $68,455 PDF
Cleveland Earle Ave. Linn Dr. to Lakeview Rd. $137,488 PDF
Cleveland Durant Ave. Lakeview Rd. to Arlington Ave. $408,709 PDF
Cleveland Guthrie Ave. West 81st St. to West 65th St. $756,493 PDF
Cleveland West 91st St. Sauer Ave. to Madison Ave. $313,783 PDF
Cleveland West 58th St. Herman Ave. to the north end of West 58th $347,656 PDF
Cleveland Home Ct. Entire Street $254,294 PDF
Cleveland Lakewood Heights Blvd. West 140th St. to Waterbury Rd. $623,795 PDF
Cleveland Guardian Blvd. West 130th St. to Bellaire Rd. $660,508 PDF
Cleveland Carrington Ave. West 130th St. to Giles Rd. $854,327 PDF
Cleveland West 121st St.  Carrington Ave. to Bennington Ave. $87,649 PDF
Cleveland Camden Ave. West 73rd St. to West 82nd St. $436,733 PDF
Cleveland Woodstock Ave. MLK Jr. Dr. to Mapleside Rd. $679,206 PDF
Cleveland Fleet Ave.  Broadway Ave. to Aetna Rd. $345,234 PDF
Cleveland West 58th St.  Herman Ave. to Detroit Ave. $248,807 PDF
Cleveland Florida Ave.  East 153rd St. to the west end of Florida $363,885 PDF


Suburban Water Main Renewal Program

Cleveland Water’s $26 million annual capital investment in buried infrastructure covers not only the City of Cleveland but also the suburban cities that we provide direct service to. Water main projects in these cities are funded through the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program (SWMRP).

Below is a list of water main replacement projects awarded in 2018 as part of our SWMRP. While Cleveland Water provides project funding and oversight, each local suburb manages the design and construction process, which usually begins several years after the initial award announcement.

Community Street Boundaries Cost
Bedford Heights Taylor Dr. Miles Rd. north 1,070 feet $233,559
Brooklyn Heights 5th St. Tuxedo Ave. to South St. $220,269
Cleveland Heights Selwyn Rd. Greyton Rd. to Monticello Blvd. $1,041,319
Euclid East 216th St. Lakeshore Blvd. to Edgecliff Dr. $462,532
Euclid Fuller Ave. East 200th St. to East 222nd St. $1,036,187
Euclid East 211th St. S. Lake Shore to Lakeshore Blvd. $568,740
Euclid Colbourne Rd. Hartland Rd. to 160' west of  E. 240th St. $289,608
Euclid Lakeshore Blvd. E 222nd / Babbit Rd. to E 228th St. $411,105
Fairview Park Campus Dr. West 210th St. to West 213th St. $205,700
Fairview Park West 210th St. North Park Dr. to Campus Dr. $92,480
Garfield Heights Andover Blvd. Edgepark to South End $127,020
Garfield Heights Henry St. Park Knoll to McCracken $299,000
Garfield Heights East 135th St. Silver to Granger $202,050
Garfield Heights East 128th St. McCracken Rd. to Silver Rd. $243,070
Garfield Heights Edgepark Dr. Henry to End $168,600
Macedonia Ledgeview Rd. Broadledge Rd. to Tanglewood Rd. $315,000
Maple Heights Maple Ave. Beech Ave. to Libby Rd. $453,020
South Euclid Shirley & Biltamy Rd. South Green to End of Biltamy $212,440