Your Water

Your Water

At Cleveland Water, we recognize that water is necessary to everyday life. Water supports jobs, family, communities, schools, and health. We work hard to ensure that our 1.4 million customers have access to a reliable supply of safe, great-tasting water.

Your Water

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of our region’s best assets. It provides our drinking water and supports a variety of jobs and recreation opportunities. We take our responsibility as a steward of Lake Erie seriously because the health of the Lake affects us all.

Water Quality & Treatment

Water Quality and Treatment

The quality of your water matters. That’s why our water quality experts have implemented such a thorough water treatment process. Our team is dedicated to making sure your drinking water exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency drinking water standards. 

Water Distribution

Water Distribution

Making sure our customers receive quality water at all times is our top priority. Cleveland Water’s robust distribution system allows us to ensure an ample supply of safe, great-tasting water is available when you want it and when you need it.

Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks are a common occurrence in cities across the country, and Cleveland is no exception. At Cleveland Water, we are responsible for maintaining 5,300 miles of water mains across 80 communities.

Infrastructure Projects

Because you count on us for your water needs, we have invested more than $1.6 billion over the past 30 years to modernize our treatment plants and distribution system.