What Are the Benefits?

Clear Reads Means Better Service

Clear Reads virtually guarantees all of our customers will receive accurate bills based on actual consumption. By collecting meter reads from all of our customers on an hourly basis, we are now able to provide more information to help you manage your consumption and more quickly identify leaks.

Clear Reads helps to more consistently deliver accurate bills by essentially eliminating the “estimated bill.” As the name implies, customers receive an estimated bill when a Cleveland Water meter reader cannot read the remote register attached to the outside of the customer’s home, requiring Cleveland Water to estimate how much water you used in a month. 

The automated meter reading (AMR) system that makes up the Clear Reads project solves this issue. By collecting information on an hourly basis, we will know almost immediately if a meter stops working, giving us time to come out and replace the old or defective meter before sending a customer an estimated bill. Additionally, by collecting the meter reads through a remote collection system, AMR eliminates the need for meter readers to come to your home or business to manually read the water meter.

AMR technology provides information to help customers understand their bills and manage their water consumption. This information is available to customers on-line and customers have the option to sign up for proactive leak alerts to avoid high water bills.  Our customer service representatives can use the hourly data as an additional source of information to assist customers with billing inquiries.

AMR is an environmentally friendly technology that helps to reduce Cleveland Water’s operating costs. By eliminating manual meter reads, we will dramatically reduce the number of vehicles we have on the road, vehicle maintenance costs, fuel costs, and vehicle emissions.